This section is embarassingly incomplete. In the meantime, try looking at samples directory containing roughly 4KLOC of sample Viua VM code (with comments).


Below you can find manuals needed when writing software for Viua VM written as articles of varying length, accompanied by code samples in Viua assembly and, occasionally, other languages. Manuals cover a wide range of subjects, from the very basics (e.g. syntax, how to write simple programs, etc.), to the more advanced topics (such as concurrency primitives, FFI, resource management, etc.).

There is a plaintext version readable in the terminal (e.g. in lynx(1), or less(1) and the like); and two HTML versions: colorised and browser-default version. The table of contents in HTML versions contains anchors to different parts of the document for easier navigation. However, it is served as a one big file so you can use the search functionality of less(1) or your browser of choice instead of relying on the hyperlinks.

Intended audience

Nearly all manuals assume prior programming experience. Reasonable proficiency in using a UNIX-like environment is also assumed where necessary.