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New ISA docs are available here.

Viua VM docs

This site is the main source of Viua VM documentation. You can find all sorts of information here, starting with installation instructions, through programming tutorials, to language reference.

If any information cannot be found here it may be present in the source code repository for Viua VM.

Setting up

Before you can write and run programs on Viua VM you have to compile it for your system. This page explains the requirements, and the build process of Viua VM.

Model and concepts

This section describes the abstract model of Viua VM, and concepts used in it. Note that Viua VM is in early stages of development so this description may be out-of-date in some sections, and some sections may not be yet implemented.

At this moment it is best to always consult the model with the implementation, or observable behaviour of the VM.


Manuals cover a wide range of subjects, from the very basics (e.g. syntax, how to write simple programs, etc.), to the more advanced topics (such as concurrency primitives, FFI, resource management, etc.). They also include a list of all available instructions, discuss the syntax of Viua VM assembly language, talk about the tools shipped in a standard distribution of the VM, etc.

A manual is everything you should need to successfully work with Viua VM. Consider it "The Book of Viua". You can grab the plaintext version (readable on the command line) here.


References are lists of features, with short examples. They are intended either for people who just need to refresh their memory, or who are interested in quick overviews of possibilities.